Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lessons from Experience

Welcoming the new year could not be much better for me than a clear collection of the thoughts and lessons learnt from experience of CE 1982 to now.
  • The biggest problem with people is that they attach too much to things that are lost, to the extent that they forget what's in hand and often take it for granted.
  • Your child and your pet never lie. Believe. Experience it. You'll know the truth.
  • Archeology should be left to the books and work. Never apply it to your life. Digging the past makes life worse.
  • Never run your life on KPIs. Its only for the corporate world.
  • Trust your friends even if they betray you. Your judgement is the best one.
  • Learn to see through a person. A deceptive mind is more dangerous than a deceptive appearance.
  • Politics is not for the elite. It affects you day in day out. Engage.
  • Have friends from the opposite sex. it enriches you behaviour and thinking.
  • Your history does not always determine your future. There is no better day than today, no better moment than now to start afresh.
  • Discretion is more important than valour. Don't waste your effort and time on trying to change stupidity. There are always abberations in anything.
  • There is nothing as fate if you choose not take life lying down.
  • Balls that fall from a greater height bounce higher. Remember that your failures must spur you higher.
  • Good photographs, movies, books enhance your thinking and creative abilities.
  • Humour leaves you with lesser hurt and enemies at the end of the life.
  • Travel. It changes your perspective to life.
  • Don't work, live it. Engaging changes the result.
  • Believe in your means, the results will be achieved on its own.
  • Don't stay silent in a group of people. Talking can make others talk. You never know, who wants a shoulder to cry, an ear to listen to them.
  • Share. Life quadraples when shared.
  • Practice "nothingness" in life. Remember you are not even a nano considering the size of the entire universe.
  • Nature is God. Never forget it.
  • Be a roman in rome. This is Kalyug.
  • Recognise that there are some things you cannot win over for you don't have the strength. It is easier to win over a heart through friendship than by standing up to it.
  • Evoke the child within you as often as possible. There is no other better way to stay young.
  • Life does not go in circles. Its a straight line. You never end your life as you started, Mentally.
  • Keep studying. Education, life and relationships.
  • Have a Guru. It gives definition.
  • Have an Ambition. It gives direction.
  • Death is always the first option of life, for no one wants to suffer. But its the second choice you make that determines your life.
  • Eat good and tasty food. Healthy food is the pickle with Good food being the curd rice. Thats the proportion, remember.
  • Wanting to be rich is not bad. Whats important is how you want to get there.
  • Sleep less. Sleep is as good as death. Do you want to die?
  • Religion is not bad. Be a devotee not a fanatic.
  • Vote. Its the best tool you have in a democracy. You make a difference in whatever small way you can.
  • If you are happy, share it. When you are sad, forget and enjoy the moment.
  • Try to learn a new language. Anything new makes life wonderful.
  • Smile. Even at strangers.
  • Play a Sport of your choice. Sports makes you competitive.
  • Take a vacation for yourself. Isolation teaches you life.
  • Visit the Himalayas atleast once in your lifetime.
  • Give back a small share of what you earn to the society.
  • Have a diary. Buy an organiser. Use both.
  • Music heals anything. Listen to soothing music and at time hard rock.
  • Practice Anger (Rowthiram pazhagu).
  • Never ever ever ever ever give up.
  • Think before you start, think not after you have begun.
  • Give as good as you get, infact a touch more, good or bad.
I might not have said something newer than you know. But still this post might remind you some things you may have forgotten in your busy life.