Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Immortality of The Bullet

How long have I had to wait to understand that some material things do bring immeasurable sense of realizations in life. Right on top of them... The Bullet. Always been a Bullet Fan but never dared to buy it due to a basic lacking I have in myself... Laziness. Wow... the bull needs to be taken care of, like a king. It gulps gallons of gas, reasonably good money on maintenance and hell a lot of care.

I waited for 27 years in life and finally decided... YES, I DO. :)
In a way, you are married to the machine once you own one.

What does it give back in return for all that you give it?

To me its primarily three things....
Ego Satisfaction, Joy of Travel and Nirvana.

It such a brilliant feeling when you see vehicles on the road moving away without a honk once they hear the beat. The Beat defines the Machine.

No other Motorbike gives you the happiness and Joy of travel that a Bullet can give you. Infact, Bull is no Bike. Its different. Drive it down the East Coast Road (The road that connects Chennai to Pondicherry), with the cold breeze on your face, the DUP-DUP, heartbeat like beat on the silencer with an air of arrogance, You'll need nothing more. Joy.

Nirvana is probably an exaggeration but lack of a better expression makes me describe the feeling so. Or probably it is Nirvana. Pick up your bullet if you have one. The kick to start gives you the thump. And the beat isolates you from the crowd. Just ride a few kilometers even in a hell of traffic in the city and you'll find yourself isolated in the mind. Nirvana, if thats what you can describe it.

Obsession you may call it, but the Bull is one of my tickets to Salvation.

The earthiness of the bike and the vintage looks take you both to the past and the future at the same time. paradoxical yet true.

Get a Bull if you don't have one. Experience the Unexperienced.

Cheers and God Speed

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