Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Value of Perfection

Yeah, this blog starts from the fact that I had one of my friends sending me a "Personality traits of Virgo" mail. Many would know what a Virgo is known for but I would still like to reiterate for those who wish to know it; Perfectionists and highly critical are two traits that stand out in any Virgo.

That brings me to my thoughts about perfection. Many believe that perfection is an imaginary word. There can be nothing as perfect. The term perfection is wishful and keeps moving with every improvement. Yes I agree, the term perfection is a farce in a way. So lets define perfection as excellence. Whats best at a given point in time is what is perfect. So the term perfect is not redundant, it just needs right interpretation and constant updation.

Now comes the question, is being perfect important or is being effective enough? Whats effective now? Effectiveness would be defined as a mode to achieve the end result not really being too much bothered about the means. So, now we observe a primary difference between the terms effectiveness and Perfection. An effectively performed work may yield you the desired results but it is not necessarily the best way to do it. A perfect work is one which is done in the best way possible and also gets you to where you wished to reach.

So whats better perfection or effectiveness? I would choose perfection over effectiveness, not because I'm a Virgo, but because I feel perfection is the better way to do it.
In my Dictionary:
Effective is "Get it done, somehow"
Perfection is "Get it done"
What always bothers me is the free interpretation of the "somehow" that people seem to take, and I'm not for it.

So now that perfection is the best way to do it, we have to bother about three important terms that get attached to any term; Cost, Price, Value.

Cost of Perfection:
If you wish to deliver Perfection,you have to put in the effort, attention and time to get it right. Yeah, it pushes the limits but nevertheless, your work then turns immortal and unquestionable in a sense. Perfections needs a great understanding of the subject, environment, other related issues. Perfection does drain you physically, mentally and tests your attitude but its worth it.This is the cost you pay for immortality. Isn't that cheap viewed that way?

Price of Perfection:
Haven't we seen the best demand the highest price for the work. The Best comes at a Price, but its worth paying. As is well known "Offer peanuts and you shall get only monkeys".

Value of Perfection:
I love this bit of Perfection. The Value. Invaluable. Perfections lets you be at peace as you leave no stone unturned, no loose ends in a work. You also thus have no ghosts of the work to come back and haunt you in the future. It leaves a stamp of your attitude wherever you go. It brings you knowledge, extensive and exhaustive, about whatever subject you work on. It gives you a sense of pride about your work - call it "Vidya Garvam", the Pride of being Knowledgeable.

The Value of Perfection is invaluable and thus the effort it demands is immensely small to the extent of results it gives back to you.

Try to be Perfect, always. It pays !!

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