Friday, November 27, 2009


Do we at all feel for it or is it symbolism [ with its striking resemblance to 9/11 - looks like our media are so deligted that it happened with a 11 suffix. Else how do we ape the US of A ;) ]

All news channel were running "Stories" on the heroics of the brave men who saved India from complete shame on that day. Atleast we have some men to truly lay their lives for th motherland. Parliament rocked by Politicos squabbling over compensation distribution, news hours filled with stupid post mortem debates.

What did we do in these 365 days to really feel more secure?
a. Did we buy modern weapons for the security guards?? [Leave alone training them on it. We din even make a Purchase requisition]
b. What happened to the promised Bullet proof vests??
c. How secure are we now? [One of the news channels telecasted a spy cam video of how lax the security is still in the Trident]
d. Have the "erring" people [politicos and men in uniform] been given what they deserve? [We din even change the incumbent Home minister in Maha - Shame]

Why does India celebrate an Anniversary lighting candles and praying in public for the martyrs and victims? Do we really deserve to be still called a democracy??

RR Patil was sacked for a careless statement. Now the "expiry date" for the statement has come. So everyone has forgotten it and he has been re instated. So a 6 month hiatus can make good anything. Is that the case?

We had "Social activists" [I do not endorse this term tho], on the streets of Mumbai, with lipstick and make up full done up ;)] asking for change [Obama fever was in full swing then ;)]. Where did they go in the intermittent 365 days?? They again surfaced yesterday evening to light candles again. Pseudo Activism to say the least.

only 118 out of 403 victims have been given their due compensation by the government. When the opposition raises this issue, the Speaker says, its a solemn day and we should not fight, the Leader of the ruling side says oppn politicising 26/11. But "Mr. PM" what have you done to call the oppn. to be faulty. Its a day for solemnisation, provided you had taken enough steps to call it so. You are in the US partying on a day when India was burning 365 days back. That shows the level of seriousness. Now lets not call this visit to be the goof up of the officials. Can't the PM remember one date in his calendar??

No action... All chatter anger. thats how India has been for long... lets change else, SHUT UP.... The terrorists will take advantage as long as we keep chatting with no action.....

Jai Hind