Saturday, October 9, 2010

Endhiran...... EndhiRUNS on Fan Power only.

Ok.... I know this post will anger a lot of Super Star Fans but I'm left with no other option but to vent out my week long silence. Endhiran is certainly a mix of Rajni's usual Idiotic stunts, Jetix Channel copy and a looooooooooooootttttt of dumb scenes.

What a directorial touch to start with. Rajni's beard length is the determinant of the number of days he has put in for the research. it keeps growing with every new phase of the research. :P

I'm not a Rajni fan, let me confess but I do watch his films for the Super Hero image he manages to create and the extent of entertainment he gives to people who are interested in watching movies to get entertained than educated. He's for those who believe his stunts and enjoy them. I don't believe the idiosyncrasies of Rajni but certainly loved watching the Thalapathi, Baasha, Sivaji type movies. But sadly Endhiran is a Rajni Killer to say the least.

#1. I cannot accept Rajni as a coward guy unable to fight a goon. But the scientist Rajni is one. Scientist Rajni is unable to fight Kalabhavan Mani to save Aishwarya Rai. He instead runs for cover with Ash, after the "Kannula manna Thoovara" stunt.

#2. How could a director of Shankar's calibre miss continuity, I wonder.... In the scene where Scientist Rajni asks the Robot Rajni to drive the car, the Robot bangs it on the divider in the road. Cut to next scene, the car does not have even a scratch. Isn't that dumb? A Rajni movie does not mean the audiences are idiots, it only means his stunts will not be questioned.

#3. Oh yeah.... The MGR movie stunt.... Ash is confronted by goons int he train, Robot fights them, suddenly runs out of power, get hit all over by the goons and is thrown out of the train. then the goons prepare to "rape" her (shit that scene was so dumb with the goons switching on the camera in their phones and taking a decade to take off the.... dupatta..., i was wondering if someone would take so long to rape ash). Ash then cries "Chiiiiiiiittttiiiiiiiii" and the Robot which had no power suddenly switches on to have enough to pull out a cable from the Electricity box nearby to charge itself back to normalcy. Isn't this an oooooooooooollllllllldddd scene. The heroine being chided by the villan, shouts for help and MGR appears there (ahem, from 200 kms away in 5 mins). The Robot had no "feelings" or "emotions" at that point of the movie, but it could feel that it had to save Ash. Thats a terrible miss Mr. Shankar.

#4. Having done so much, Shankar could have promoted the "Green Energy" bandwagon by having solar panels installed over the body of the robot. Oh yeah, but that would have lost Rajni a few "Hero" scenes and the Train fight.

#5. Oh.... now the epitome of idiotic filming, the last 20 mins where Shankar has picked up a bunch of scenes from ahem.... JETIX channel... Power Rangers.... Robots forming shapes..... Is this what Sun Pictures calls "Brahmaandam"? Shiiiiittt.

#6. Good that Rajni has realised that dancing with a girl half his age is better than dancing with one aged as much as his daughter. Oh sorry for the typo mistake.... "Dance", eh, what was that? Rajni is now making his age known. He's not even able to shake a leg... literally. And the morphing of Rajni's face on the dancer's body was so evident and looked very clumsy. They could have actually made Rajni stretch a bit to shake a leg.

#7. And a doubt. How could a charge less Robot, reassemble itself and get into Danny Dezongpa's car in the dumpyard? Poof.

#8. Rangoosky was the epitome of dumbness. I don't think i need to comment further.

So, I would keep pointing mistakes,more n more n more but I want to stop here. Having said all this I would want to tell you what kept me sitting to watch the entire movie.

Music - Wonderful tunes by ARR.
Danny Dezongpa - After a long time.
Robot Rajni, The Bad one - Rajni shows exactly why he was called a brilliant Anti Hero. The man excels in the role, entertaining and makes the last 40 mins his movie, entirely his own.
The Last Scene - Though very "philo" types, the last scene was well scripted.
Dialogues - Yeah, I liked them but in parts.

But in entirety Endhiran fails and how.... #EPIC. Compare it with the Shivaji and Baasha and it falls flat on its face. Look at Rajni and you won't feel any energy coming in. I still watch Baasha and Shivaji when I'm down it picks me up. I would blame it on Rajni and Shankar for this failure, well not in collections though.

Endhiran has been marketed through the latest advertising medium called "Advertising Terrorism". Look at all channels, FMs, Theatres... they compel you to watch the movie. Actually there isn't a choice. And you know why there is no choice. Its not entirely because its a Rajni movie, its also because its a SUN Pictures Production. And the self proclaimed First family of Tamil Nadu is not going to let anyone screw its fortunes. There were reports of movies being blocked for the Endhiran release, Theatres blocked and what not !!! Yeah, it has paid off. Paid big. Endhiran fills the coffers of Kalanidhi Maran.

Endhiran purely mints the Rajni Fan Base. And for a Fan base which gave Baba a 50 days run, Endhiran will be a feast.

I shall wait however for the day when Rajni stops acting as a Hero and does more majestic roles which will be remembered in these twilight years of his Cinema. The wait will be long, for it may never end looking at his ever growing fan base which only wants to see him as a Hero. Rajni, take a cue from Sivaji Ganesan. Move on, Change is the need of the hour in my view.


  1. Hi Skanda,
    I have left with no options than to reply ur mail...
    Two methods of handling your comments (rather problems u see in rajni films)

    1. Cinema is just a entertainment factor. People go there to their minds from office/personal tension ...when they see their hero performing on the big screen they feel happy..

    Its not that some director decides today and take the callsheet of a super star and launches a cinema next day...The film Endhiran took two years to complete..its not as simple as that to concentrate on production for a period of two years..just imagine how life has changed for you in the past two when someone has put so much efforts we should try to appreciate it rather than seeing some idiotic editing errors..

    If ur still not satisfied and expect 100% logical scenes with real stories, then..

    You need to watch dasavatharam:
    1. When a Japanese could drive a car in the lanes of chidambharam
    2. When a ex-CIA can walk freely with all sorts of modersn guns in india in a place like chidambaram..( everytime i enter India after a trip, the immigration officer grills me with lot of questions... just an FYI)

    i feel that there is no illogical scenes in Endhiran.

    I am just mentioning these since you said u r a fan of kamal..even i like kamal..but i dont crib about these logical errors in his films...rather i appreciated his efforts to take up ten different roles and the story line regarding chaos theory..

    Hope i made my points clear...

  2. My simple reply to your comments:

    Endhiran is not a Rajni movie. Basha is. Arunachalam is. Shivaji is.

    We expect much more than logic from a director like Shankar.

    For the Dasavatharam bit, Dasavatharam was an extravaganza and meant to showcase Kamal's talent in sporting 10 looks. I believe you should appreciate the acting of Kamal in the movie than the movie itself. Every movie is made with some un-realism but its the levels that matter and the levels of illogical ness that matters.

    I believe that Endhiran is a "asingamaana" cross between a Rajni/shankar movie and a Sun pictures dumb advertising gimmick. The result is that it has diluted the Superstar image.

  3. i dont understand ur point..
    when u can take dasavatharam as extravaganza and meant to showcase kamal's talent in sporting 10 looks..why dont u look at endhiran as a film which has the most cutting-edge application of CGI ever seen in Indian cinema.. rather than looking into the movie itself???

  4. The difference is... Kamal is expected to dot he unusual, Rajni is expected to do the unbelievable, with heroism.

    Kamal stood up to it in Dasavatharam, Rajni did not do it in Endhiran