Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar

The Man has broken the unthinkable records of the Cricketing world...His body is up and strong after 19 years of cricket....Great achievement.... Congrats....But looking beyond this or into this rather...1. Has'nt he been one of the most pampered cricketer of our times?... If he fails its lean form, whereas if any other player fails its bad basics and time to retire...2. He fails at the big games and makes us think that he's playing for records. Is the man not a big game performer??3. If put on a weigh scale, Sachin and Lara would almost be equal, but for one trait.... lara is heavier than Sachin when it comes to Big games... he's the man who can stare in the eye of the Australian bowlers.... Score hundreds and Double hundreds when it matters the most and when its least expected....

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