Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh (bama) stop it for Pete's sake.... !!!

The Indian has been recently christened as "Argumentative". Now because of me, you can call him/her cynical as well.... Why are we going so much of gaga over Obama.. After all the guy has won an election, not saved the world at the doorsteps of the Armageddon... Is this going to be the end of racism.. Utter stupidity. Its politics and whether you accept it or not, today's politics is really "off the people" not "of the people"... He's not even proven his worth and before that we have started calling him the change... All he did was press for an economic stimulus package (well Bush called the earlier one by a different name, that's all ;) )... Media in India are spending hours and days relaying the US elections and the Oba'ma'nia... And the man did not bother to even say a thanks to our H'ble PM... He's infact ignoring him... (Mebbe he's not got enough money / tele - connectivity links to call beyond Islamabad)... Lets just shut this frenzied behaviour... He's the President of the USA not the World / India.... More so, he's just going to be more detrimental to India than we imagine... Truly Democrat style....Ah... and now they want a Indian Obama.... Why??? Whats the basis??? Is he as big a Gandhi, Nehru, Bal Gangadhar tilak, Bhagat Singh, Bharathiyar, Subramania Siva, V O Chidambaram Pillai, Subhash Chandra Bose?? Lets stop this mania and wish for one of these leader-likes to be born again not Obama (of course unless he turns out to be a great leader, even then I believe we don't need to look to the west for examples)...


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  1. I have spent nearly 20yrs in the backward state of Bihar,known for illiteracy, ,corruption,lack of anger management,poor connectivity.lethargy due to excessive heat and cold weather conditions
    People there celebrate a festival called CHATH with lots of devotion and fervor.,and they start the said Pooja by first praying the Setting Sun and begin their utmost severe fasting after this pooja,and is followed by praying again on the early dawn of the rising Sun the next morning but continue the fasting till sunset and they break their fast only after praying the Setting Sun and to thank this Setting Sun for all that is showered on them throughout the intervening period.What I am driving at is their utmost confidence that tomorrow will always be brighter and only through steadfastness in your faith and ideals, can you hope to reach your cherished goal in life,
    Accordingly India is betting on America not for what is America today, instead India is hoping that the dark clouds engulfing that country would recede in course of time through their out of box thinking and putting their Best Right Step Forward.Having been used to traveling on American Donkey all through, all of us, as well as other countries have got used to their pace of change.We all dread Adiabatic Changes
    -We are all good at learning lessons in Swimming, but we forget that for learning to swim one must get used to
    entering the water,which though we all know, but we conveniently tend to forget.and expect the environment to change to our perspective.
    We wish evolution to revolution.,but have faith in the saying PHIR SUBAH HOGI-