Monday, June 21, 2010

Politics through Tamil

To a generation that sees great tamil writers and poets only through Cinema songs, its hard to imagine if the true face of the so called "protectors of tamil" will ever be visible. Semmozhi Maanaadu - Supposedly the convention to promote tamil is slowly turning into a self tom-tom ing exercise at the behest of public money. And do we care at all?

I happened to get some interesting news from one of my Kovai friends about this MAAAANAAADU ---- Kovai is being turned into an overnight heaven for a three day affair where the elected rulers of the state's minority government want to exhibit their grandeur and please a few using public money. No exaggeration ---- Atrificial TREES have been planted at various places to show a green image, dividers painted / laid, plants at each road turning, high security, lit up arena (from public electricity of course), ARR's title music, the whole music community singing (rather made to sing) and what not - Its the embodiment of all craziness one can imagine to announce that someone is the "one and only protector of the language and of the tamil people around the world". Just shit !!

I can understand the business sense behind the convention --- As in Chennai Sangamam, it makes a lot of people EARN and have their Black and White turn White :P :P. But I condemn the way in which this convention is projected to be THE thing for Tamils. We have a CM and FM who do not have the time to go and sit on GST forums citing age but have the time to pen dialogues for movies and plan to sit for hours at the Semmozhi Maanaadu, no time for governance but lots of time for thinking how to hold the central govt to ransom for a few ministries, no time for lankan tamils but enough courage to call the exposure of the corruption by A Raja to be a racist charge as he is a Dalit.

What are we trying to achieve by letting such people still rule our land?? A family which does scientific corruption is still being voted back in. Is this because all those who vote have a vested interest in it...?? Aren't we understanding that we are putting our Genext at stake for our survival..?

Politics thru Tamil was necessary a few decades back when we were experiencing the Hindi invasion into all parts of our life. We noticed a concerted ploy on the part of the Centre to impose it on us. Tamil was to be protected then. What now? Why do we still believe in a redundant ideology? We still have people clapping to fools on the dias talking about the language with no sympathy and concern towards the people who speak it. Shame.

Tamil's Semmozhi status is a farce and useless unless we bring good living to people of Tamilnadu. Currently there is a "KaanalNeer" (aka Mirage) which makes us think we live a happy life in this state. We will soon realise what we have done to our lives by keeping mum to the attrocities committed by a Family.

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  1. I can agree to an extent with #2 and #3 but would not one bit agree wid #1. I think JJ is the better evil. Agreed both compete to rob. But think atleast JJ does not rob the general public with such open audacity as MK, Wives, Children and Grand Children India private Limited