Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saving the Soldier

Too many cases of shame to the Indian Armed forces (Army, Navy, AF, police) have come through in the last few years and little have been done to make good the apathy. The Bofors Scam, Coffin scam, Bullet proof Vests, State of the Policemen at the India Gate, and now the shameful incident of a TN policeman left to die in the gaze of two state ministers.

Are we at all caring??

Nobody knows the official result of Bofors yet though we've had Judgements absolving all the unofficially guilty !!!
Coffin scam - A scam which even found its way to the grave of soldiers not letting them RIP.
Bullet proof vests and the India gate policemen state - Enough spoken, no action

The incident of a policeman dying on the road in the gaze of ministers is a bit too much to take now. We know that ministers are insensitive, but atleast they should not be so when they are shot on camera (they are used to this way of life). Two state ministers stood by watching a policeman die a painful death. My limited knowledge says that every minister's convoy shall have all first aid equipments and medicines & some even have an ambulance as part of their convoy. the ministers did not even go close to the injured cop, leave alone saving him. We will now find for the next 5 days, the media reporting on this and then forgetting, the CM making a statement to justify the Ministers' acts, the opposition walking out and ten days on we forget and move on.

Do we need a death to understand our insensitivity??
How many more lives are we going to lose before we act??

(All the above are irrespective of how much ever the Armed forces are corrupted!!)

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  1. a) When BJP was in power Sonia Gandhi wud hav been found guilty, but unfortunately was voted out of power. The next CBI chief had rubber as a backbone and retreated
    b) Coffin case (I believe to be d 1 against George Fernandez) was proven as a fake and G F was aquitted, nobody knows of fact cos.. Congress n other opposition were in power wen judgement came out n had their tails behind deir backs
    c) police man being slayed mebbe he was asked to be "pottu thallified" by Alagiri n co...fear is the best ever motivating factor 4 ppl 2 or not 2 do things.